Clytemnestra Silk Kimono



Crafted from the most exquisite silk fabric, sourced from MIA PAPA, the Clytemnestra silk kimono drapes the wearer in a cascade of sumptuous elegance. Its fluid silhouette flows gracefully with every movement, exuding an ethereal aura that captivates the eye and commands attention.


  • One-size
  • Intended for a loose fit
  • Lightweight fabric


  • 100% Silk - crêpe de chine
  • Made in Greece
  • Dry clean


This fabric has been woven using the finest natural fibers that are carefully processed. Any irregularity that might appear, such as colour stains and shading, is due to the natural characteristics of each fiber. Products might vary as they are hand treated. 


The Pre-order model enables us to sustainably meet supply and demand, avoiding waste and extra stocks at the end of the season. We can adjust manufacturing needs and quantities to what your taste really is, and this leads to an almost zero stock scenario at the end of each season.

This way we can move onto the next season light and fresh and we ensure no stocks are accumulated. Waste and stock accumulation is one of the red flags of the fashion industry and this is our alternative way to that, because we believe that what we do must contribute to a cleaner world, not the other way around.

As we operate with Pre-Order the estimated shipping time is clearly stated on the product at the moment of purchase.
When a product is not on Pre-Order, that means that shipping will be completed within the next 1-2 business days.
For Pre-Order products, please allow a certain deviation on timing that can happen either way, this meaning products can arrive earlier than expected or slightly later.

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