The peaceful way of harvesting silk 
peace silk
"As an architect and designer, I feel I have to take responsibility for my creations and find the best solutions to help empower the industry at large and bring more sustainable practices into reality."
Our dedication to ethical production and innovation means we are always looking for new ways of bringing sustainability into our design methods, while also creating the most beautiful product possible. Now is the time to search for answers, for alternatives. Founder and creative director shares that she always struggled with the use of silk, by being an animal-based fabric: 
‘Creating our signature woven MIA PAPA peace silk has been something that I’ve been personally and professionally on a journey to find the best possible practices. The silk production has so much heritage, worth preserving, but at times it can be damaging to the environment. I always want to move forward, while respecting the past, therefore our MIA PAPA signature woven silk, is truly a moment to celebrate for the future of fashion.”
Finding an alternative: Peace Silk 
Respecting life
Peace silk is made from short lengths from broken off cocoons, gathered by small family farms and twisted together to make yarn, respecting the silkworm's circle of life, as it is able to turn into a moth, emerge alive from its cocoon and become a butterfly, completing its full transformation. Moreover, our signature fabric is woven from the silk fibers that were left over and instead of discarding these remnants, we collect and weave them into this unique and beautiful textured silk, honoring our zero waste ethos. 
peace silk
Consciously, Handmade, Authentic 
On every level, creating our peace silk is so exciting because it feels like everything is finally coming together and the dots are being connected between fashion and sustainability.