The Delphi Collections from MIA PAPA available for viewing at Paris Fashion Week
Greek-born, Vienna-based architect and fashion designer, Mia Papaefthimiou brings her unique style of eco-lux fashion to the world during Paris Fashion Week starting September 27th with the latest ready-to-wear from MIA PAPA, a conscious lifestyle brand of wearable and homeware collections. MIA PAPA will be represented by Angela Quaintrell, the former buyer who introduced Alexander McQueen and John Galliano to Harvey Nichols and Liberty. 
As the recipient of the EU Enterprise’s Enviro-Excellence Award for Sustainable Products 2020, MIA PAPA fabrics have been consciously chosen whilst production is done by hand.
“Your journey to sustainable luxury fashion starts here. What I love about working with precious fabrics such as organic Soufli silk within slow fashion production is that our efforts to be of the highest quality and style mean we are also innately sustainable,” says Mia Papaefthimiou, Award winning founder of this award winning brand. (Forbes 30 under 30 Greek List 2020, EU Enterprise Awards - Best Emerging Fashion Brand 2020)
With the use of bold colours such as Mykonos blue, emerald green, ivory and illuminating yellow, Mia Papaefthimiou takes inspiration from the gods. Using distinct shapes to create sophisticated patterns, The Delphi Collections are based on the floor plans of Delphi's Oracle. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered to be the ‘navel of the Earth’ and the source of prophetic wisdom. 

This distinctive and important collection marks the final shift in a new direction for MIA PAPA, where accessories are set to compliment the focus on ready-to-wear garments as they take centre stage.

The Delphi Exclusive Collection uses MIA PAPA’s signature organic Soufli silk and has accents of 100% cotton velvet featuring delicately flowing Kimonos, coordinating midi-dresses, and the show-stopper Apollo silk blouse with a flying scarf that can be paired silk trousers or midi skirts.
MIA PAPA introduces her first ever line using TENCEL™ with organic silk details in The Delphi Essentials Collection. These dresses, shirts and skirts are your new season, essential pieces that effortlessly bring elegance to any wardrobe.
To book an appointment to view MIA PAPA Delphi Collections at the AQ Market Paris showroom from Monday, September 27th to Tuesday, October 5th 2021, please email angela@angelaquaintrell.com
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