Polytropon accessory


Try new ways to wear your scarf with this MIA PAPA X KAKURU Polytropon accessory that glides intuitively on!

'Polytropon' means literally “many way-ed” and is also the very first adjective Homer applied to Odysseus in the Odyssey, to convey his intellectual brilliance, guile, and versatility (polytropos). 

Suitable for our MIA PAPA 90x90cm and 45x45cm scarf format, as well as all ribbons and belts.

Our Polytropon accessory is Sterling Silver 925, gold plated. The accessory gets a high gloss finish and it is slightly adjustable. The width is approximately 4 cm and the height is 3 cm.

Made in Athens, Greece


This piece MIA PAPA X KAKURU jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver. We plate the silver jewelry to prevent oxidization and give it a color shade. We use rhodium and black rhodium for white and black color. We use a thick layer of 21-24k gold or 18k rose gold to plate silver jewelry, to give it extra durability and shine.

Plated jewelry will eventually tarnish and its plating will gradually fade. Make sure you remove all pieces of plated jewelry before showering, applying lotion and hand sanitizer, make-up, hairspray, perfume and before any sports activity.


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