Hypatia Silk Scarf

€210 €350

The wise Hypatia of Alexandria once said, “The further we travel the more truth we can comprehend.” Float away on a wave of silk and let the colours of the sun be your guide. Seek wisdom and enlightenment, always, while wearing your Hypatia scarf.

  • 100% Twill Silk
  • Handcrafted in Greece
  • 140cm x 140cm



Hypatia of Alexandria

The world’s first female luminary and notable scientist.

Hypatia was a passionate woman in the search for answers to the unknown. She was the first Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician, whose work we know about.

She was also, a profound orator and teacher. Hypatia invented equipment for scientific experiments and became head of a famed school of philosophy. People would come from miles around to hear her speak.

Hypatia is a symbol of feminism, education, science and enlightenment.


Ethically made pieces offer the opportunity to invest in exceptional clothing that have been consciously crafted and last forever.


For Mia Papaefthimiou setting up MIA PAPA as an ethical and ‘slow’ fashion brand dedicated to sustainable practices considering both people working on it and the planet was mandatory. For this reason, the brand has collaborated from day one with expertized local artisans who craft the entire production line by hand, from sewing to printing.

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