Hedone Silk Night Robe

€294 €490


Just like the matching Aurora nightdress, MIA PAPA's embroidered maxi robe is made from silk that's soft and glowy. It's cut for a loose fit to enhance the drape of the fabric.

  • One size
  • Matching belt
  • Made in Athens, Greece
  • 100% natural finest silk from Soufli, Greece
  • Hand stitched 
  • Gold embroidery of MIA PAPA's iconic eye logo  


Hedone (Ancient Greek: ἡδονή) was the personification and goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight. Hedone, also known as Voluptas in Roman mythology, is the daughter born from the union of the Greek gods Eros (Cupid) and Psyche in the realm of the immortals. She is associated with sensual pleasure.

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