Gaia Midi Silk Dress


Delphi Exclusive Collection

With the use of bold colours such as raf blue, emerald green, ivory and illuminating yellow, Mia Papaefthimiou takes inspiration from the gods. Using distinct shapes to create sophisticated patterns, The Delphi Collections are based on the floor plans of Delphi's Oracle. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered to be the ‘navel of the Earth’ and the source of prophetic wisdom. 

This distinctive and important collection marks the final shift in a new direction for MIA PAPA, where accessories are set to compliment the focus on ready-to-wear garments as they take centre stage.

The Delphi Collections from MIA PAPA available for viewing at Paris Fashion Week.

Editor's Note

Named after the personification of the Earth and the original deity behind the Oracle of Delphi, this midi black dress is a must-have piece within MIA PAPA’s collection. A timeless garment with colourful twill silk details of the floor plan of the archaeological site. The dress has been handmade in Athens using our signature crafted silk from the northern Greek town of Soufli.

Handmade in Athens. 

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