Asteria Silk Sleep Mask

€55 €65


MIA PAPA's luxurious hand embroidered sleep mask is handcrafted from the highest grade mulberry silk for a rejuvenating sleep. Lightly cushioned, it sits softly against your face to block out light while the smooth fabric protects against damage to skin and hair. Get the ultimate beauty rest with the matching Serene embroidered silk queen pillowcase

Wear it with: MIA PAPA Pothos silk dress and MIA PAPA Nanaya silk robe.

  • Height: 10cm / 4.1in
  • Length: 18cm / 7.1in
  • Width: 2cm /0.7in


  • Made in Athens, Greece
  • 100% natural finest silk from Soufli, Greece
  • Hand stitched 
  • Gold embroidery of MIA PAPA's iconic eye logo


“Asteria’ means “of the stars” or “starry one”, and Asteria was named the Greek goddess of shooting stars. More importantly though, Asteria was also closely associated with divination by dreams.”

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