A sustainable lifestyle brand, made in Hellas


Nowadays, everything works on high speed and the demands on our time are ever growing. We made the bold decision to step back and offer something special, which takes time and dedication to produce. Through our luxurious ready-to-wear and homeware collections, we address the modern, international woman and man, proposing an inspired and elegant lifestyle.

a word from the founder

Handmade collages have always been a passion of mine, often used throughout my profession as an architect. Following an accident that kept me away from my work, I had an intense desire to stay creative in order to aid my recovery. My passion for collages turned into silk screens on paper as art and then to silk screening on silk scarves. 

I have always had a great love for scarves. Smart and creative fashion statements appeal to me. A single piece of fabric gives multiple and imaginative applications. A scarf, through size, colours, different patterns and ways of applying, highlights aspects of our personality. They give us dynamism, charm, mystery, elegance, a sense of whimsy and much more. It gives to the person who wears it the absolute freedom and magic to transform his or her outfit and appearance. 

MIA PAPA was born when my artistic hobby, professional career and love of scarves came together and it continues to grow. Captivated by feminine energy and expanding the use of unique designs based on floor plans of monumental buildings, my inspirations soon evolved to Ready-to-Wear collections, which is the focus of MIA PAPA.

Through my sustainable luxury fashion brand, I would like to spread magic, passion and love to you.



Photo credits: Jacobo Pachon


Greek-born, Vienna-based architect and designer Mia Papaefthimiou-Milcic combines architecture and art in her designs, while offering sustainability and beauty in her creations. The philosophy behind each creation is based on floor plans of monumental buildings, as well as the power of feminine nature. These are captured through intense, dynamic and bold colours.