Conscious Materials

We use responsibly sourced, luxury materials in everything we create - from our signature organic Soufli silk to our FSC certified packaging. Knowing that organic methods lessen our impact on the environment with the use of fewer toxins and pesticides, we source from the only Green Certified supplier in Greece. Soufli is a town steeped in history, where silk of the highest quality has been grown from natural silkworm cocoons since antiquity. 

In all our collaborations with fellow artists and artisans, we ensure the materials used are in line with our core values of sustainability.

Handmade Production

We celebrate our ethical production and the use of heritage methods that come with being handmade. Our handcrafted collections require exquisite skill on the part of the makers. Bringing a human connection to our garments, the couture techniques used result in individualised and unique pieces that honour the craftsmanship involved. 

With proper love and care, this attention to detail allows your MIA PAPA garments to last a lifetime.

Authentic Inspiration

Mia’s passion and inspiration go into each creation and each collection, starting with the concept and continuing through to the finished product.

From the prints she creates based on floor plans of monumental buildings to her designs encapsulating the power of feminine nature to honoring the folk art and history of her home country - every garment is a piece of wearable art, every item of homeware is a treasure to be cherished.